Sunday, May 16, 2010

Goodbye, Cavalier Telephone

Sunday, May 16, 2010
In the beginning, which I’m told was 2003, we were happy with the rates for Cavalier’s phone service. Over the years, however, they kept climbing, and we now pay $65 for our home phone (no international calls) and $52 for phone service in a second home (only local calls). It’s embarrassing, because we should’ve stopped this a long time ago.

On at least two occasions, my husband called Cavalier to say that we would be switching phone companies if our rates weren’t lowered. Each time, the Cavalier representative’s response was a version of “too bad”. The last call was made in late 2009, and we intended to switch carriers immediately. But life got in the way, and we didn’t follow through. Finally, almost two weeks ago, I called AT&T and switched our service . . . or so I thought.

On Wednesday, the AT&T rep called to say that Cavalier wouldn’t release our phone number. She said that Cavalier “freezes” its customers’ phone numbers, in order to protect customers from unauthorized switching of phone carriers. Right. I’m sure it has nothing to do with discouraging people from seeking better rates elsewhere. Anyway, I was told I’d have to call Cavalier to get our numbers released.

When I called, the guy I spoke with initially told me they freezed our phone number for our own good. Then he told me that neither my husband nor I had called Cavalier about rates since 2007. Apparently, when Cavalier reps tell customers they can’t do anything about the crazy rates, they don’t always note it for the record. And then because my husband’s name was the only one on the account, the rep said he couldn’t discuss anything with me.

When my husband was available, I called Cavalier again. This time I got a woman who said that because our account was older, there was no freeze on either number. Isn’t it strange that the previous gentleman was unaware of that fact? And AT&T wasn’t told, either. Nothing like being cooperative, huh? Now it’s going to take several more days for Cavalier to release the number. WTF?! We’re SO finished with Cavalier.


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