Monday, October 25, 2010

Another Confused State of Michigan Employee

Monday, October 25, 2010
I just watched The View and came away incensed, only this time it wasn’t because of the incredibly irritating Elisabeth Hasselbeck. No, it was my home state, Michigan, that made me crazy today. First we have an Assistant Attorney General, Andrew Shervill, who stalked and harassed a university student leader simply because he’s gay. (Incredibly, Shervill has not been fired to date.) And now, mere weeks after the Shervill debacle, another brilliant State employee, Tyra Kahn, has surfaced.

One of the “Hot Topics” on The View was about a woman in Ann Arbor who advertised on her church’s bulletin board for a “Christian roommate.” As a result, Tyra Kahn, an obvious brain trust in Michigan’s Department of Civil Rights, actually filed a complaint, citing this woman for discrimination. WTF?!

Apparently, Kahn doesn’t know that the federal housing laws have absolutely nothing to do with selecting a roommate. Wake up woman! A roommate is in your home, in your face! You have the right to choose with whom you live. And because it’s your home, you can put whatever restrictions you want on the prospective roommate.

Would someone please give Ms. Kahn a job she can handle? These days, I’m almost ashamed to say I’m from Michigan. Maybe the State should start requiring intelligence tests and psychological evaluations for all new hires. And, while the HR people are at it, they should examine a lot of the existing employees, as well. We don’t need any more ridiculous crap like this.


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