Sunday, June 19, 2011

Let’s Stop Catering to Attention Whores

Sunday, June 19, 2011

So now the asshole from Gainesville, Florida – the so-called pastor, who burned the Quran – is back in town to make trouble again. I’m not a violent person; in fact, I abhor violence. But I fear that I would feel nothing upon hearing that someone beat the hell out of Terry Jones, the idiot in question. How dare he come to Dearborn, the home of Michigan’s largest Arab population, to march and condemn Muslims during the Arab International Festival? What possible good can come of it?

The twisted pastor is here for one reason – his picture will be on the front pages of local newspapers, and that surely makes this attention whore’s private parts tingle. But it makes me absolutely ill. What’s wrong with us? We know how to stop people like Terry Jones - turn off the damned cameras! Attention whores wither and die when cameras and reporters disappear.

Everybody knows their game. We’ve all worked with them, people who have to be in the middle of everything all the time. And in every office or plant, there’s a rabble rouser – somebody who isn’t content unless they’re stirring up shit. They don’t worry about the consequences or who they hurt, they just thrive on the tension they create and the resulting attention they get. We have to stop feeding their narcissism.

We need to grow up and turn away from these walking human car wrecks. Don’t give them what they want. They’re ignorant malcontents who aren’t satisfied unless they’ve gotten everybody inflamed. Walk away! And don’t watch Fox News, master of distortion and leader of the attention whore media. Fox News loves the feeding frenzy. Ignore Terry Jones, and he’ll crawl back under the rock from which he slithered.

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Title: Pastor in Black Leather




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