Monday, July 11, 2011

My Hair Fell Out After Using Wen by Chaz Dean!

Monday, July 11, 2011

For years, I’d heard good things about the hair products from Wen by Chaz Dean. Well, last month I decided to try it, and I ordered the Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner. It arrived, on June 10 or 11, and I used it within a couple of days. I was very happy with the initial result. My hair was much less frizzy, even in the hot and humid weather we were having. And it looked great.

Unfortunately, about two weeks after using the stuff, I started noticing more hair than usual in my brushes. It seemed odd to me, but I wasn’t overly concerned. Then, as the days went on, there were long hairs all over my shoulders. Starting to suspect the Wen product, I decided to do a little research on the internet.

That’s how I discovered that hair loss is a known problem with some Wen products. When I called to cancel future shipments, the guy asked me why I was cancelling. Then, after I told him about the hair loss and asked why they don’t have a warning label on the products, he quickly turned me over to a ”specialist”. She asked me when the hair loss started and if it had stopped yet. She told me to stop using the product and that they’d immediately credit my account for the shipment that was enroute to me. She never admitted that the Company is aware of the problem. I’m guessing their attorneys don’t want it discussed with the victims.

Well, this is crap! For Wen to completely ignore this is unconscionable. I realize that not everybody loses hair from Wen products. But there are enough of us who have lost hair to require, at the very least, a warning on the label. And, for starters, we should also get our money back.

Here’s what you can do: Call the FDA (cosmetic area) at 888-723-3366 and file a complaint. In my case, the woman at that number directed me to the local FDA person in the Detroit metro area. If you’re in southeastern Michigan, that number is 313-393-8189. We shouldn’t put up with this kind of corporate disregard for our health and wellbeing. By ignoring all the complaints, Wen is acting like the Toyota of the cosmetics industry. And it’s got to stop!

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Title: Woman Washing Her Hair