Sunday, September 12, 2010

I’m Finally Finished With Channel 7 WXYZ TV News!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010
Well, yesterday was the last straw. The idiots at Detroit’s WXYZ TV news went too far. WXYZ was the only station to cut off President Obama’s speech right at noon, so that its crappy news show could start on time. And what was more important than what the President had to say? Bulldozers. Yes, they showed bulldozers knocking down burned houses. And then, we got to hear the opinion of a woman who lives near the fires. The other two local stations, WDIV and WJBK, didn’t start their news shows until the President was wrapping up his speech. But WXYZ is obviously more important than the other stations.

All through the winter snow season, WXYZ’s viewers are treated to hours of watching reporters standing along freeways, either as it snows or as the snow plows get ready for the snow. Then they switch from one freeway camera to another, showing cars driving slowly through the snow. It’s absolutely maddening! They preempt “Good Morning, America”, based on a forecast, even before it snows. WTF?! This is Michigan - it snows here all the time. Get over yourselves, WXYZ! Nobody gives a damn about seeing your reporters standing around with snowflakes on their hats!

And then, while scrolling school closings across the bottom of the screen, they inexplicably put a thick border around a miniature news show, so that viewers can’t see anything on the news without a magnifying glass. And they do that for election coverage, too. Election returns scroll across the bottom of the screen, but the thick border surrounds and shrinks the actual news broadcast. Not that it’s worth seeing much of the time . . .

Another thing that drives me nuts is that everything is “BREAKING NEWS.” An accident on a freeway is suddenly “Breaking News.” And so is a forecasted thunderstorm or a burning building (no, not a skyscraper). I could live happily without ever knowing about half of what they call “Breaking News.”

Yet somehow these fools get awards for news – how is that possible? That, to me, is proof that people are getting dumber by the day. A population that would award WXYZ anything for its television news coverage is stupid enough to spawn, well, the Tea Party, for example. (Sorry - couldn't pass that one up.)

I’ve started watching WDIV or WJBK news, and you know what – they’re better than WXYZ. And I was a WXYZ news viewer for decades. But no more. I’ve had it! Check out WDIV and WJBK, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. BREAKING NEWS – WXYZ TV news sucks!!


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