Saturday, September 25, 2010

LifeLinks Jewelry - Focus on Your Values

Saturday, September 25, 2010

I love jewelry. In fact, I make metal jewelry and might get into beading one day. But about a year ago, I discovered something different, and I’m really into it. While in Charlevoix, Michigan, I visited “Elements,” a favorite store that carries beautiful artsy home accents and jewelry. That’s where I met Glenn Wachler, who, with his brother, Link, designed and created LifeLinks.

Glenn happened to be at the store explaining the meaning behind the jewelry, and I was intrigued. Each square link represents something to the owner - a value, passion, person, or pet, for example. And the intention is that as you look at the Links you’re wearing, you can’t help but think about your priorities. The bracelet actually helps you focus on what’s important to you.

The sterling LifeLinks cost $36, but they have gone on sale a couple of times this year, and, hopefully, will go on sale again in the future.. A smaller selection of LifeLinks is also available in pewter for $15. While the sterling mesh bracelet is $120, bracelets are also available in a variety of colors in stylish rubber for $12 - $15.

You can design your own bracelet with as many or few pieces as you like. If you go to the LifeLinks website, you’ll see all the Links, spacers, frames and photo frames that are available, as well as some sample designs. Check it out:

Initially, I bought the sterling silver mesh bracelet and one sterling LifeLink. I chose “Forgive” because that’s something I want to work on. Then I bought a few more, intending to add Links gradually. But when almost everything went on sale, I took that opportunity to add to my bracelet. Now I have several Links, including “Friends,” “Family,” “Love,” “Gratitude,” “Giving,” “Learn,” “Create” and “Patience.” (See photo.)

These days I’m rarely without my LifeLinks bracelet. Who knows – it just might help me be a better person!



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