Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I Once Worked for Anna From "V"

Wednesday, April 28, 2010
Have you seen the new sci fi TV drama “V”, about an alien invasion? Although that’s not my usual TV fare, I got hooked on it the first night. Well, there was something about Anna, the leader of the Vs, which stands for “Visitors”, that seemed so familiar. Then it hit me – I once worked for her clone.

Like Anna, this woman came across as friendly, sincere and upbeat. Everyone thought she was great . . . until they got to know her. She was ruthless. Make a mistake, and you were crucified. Turn your back, and her talons came out, ready to rip you apart. In the first few days of working for her, I watched in horror as she brutally tore into one of my analysts for making an error. And it was someone with whom she’d been overly friendly only a few weeks earlier.

Another of her endearing traits was that lies slid off her tongue like honey. She once smiled and told me how hard she’d fought for the raise that I’d just gotten, when I knew for a fact that she’d fought against it. If I hadn’t known the truth, I’d never have suspected, because she lied so effortlessly. It’s as if she had no conscience.

She also expected everyone to do “face time” like she did, staying hours after other areas left for the day. In fact, a subordinate who’d been working lots of overtime (unpaid, of course) asked if she could leave at 5:00 one day, because it was her only child’s first birthday, and there was to be a small party. Our little “Anna” looked the employee in the eye and told her there was work to do, adding “Your daughter will have another birthday next year.”

So I always suspected she wasn’t human. She’d never married and had no kids, pets or even a house plant. Nothing alive was given space in her house. She was kind of secretive about her past, and now maybe I know why. I’ll bet she’s an alien reptile, like Anna. I’ll bet she had kids once, ‘til she became enraged and ate them.


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