Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Embarrassing Moments

Wednesday, February 17, 2010
Monday night, while my husband was at the store, someone knocked on the front door. Well, I'd been taking Christmas decorations and trees down and doing a bunch of other stuff in the house most of the day. And when I know that I'm not going out, I don't bother putting on makeup, and I wear grungy clothes. So I was in a panic because nobody was here to answer the door.

I ran downstairs and hollered through the door to ask who it was. A woman from my bunco group answered back, and I freaked out before reluctantly letting her in. "So you're not having a purse party tonight?” she asked. Another bunco player had sent her an email that "Sandy" was having a purse party, but it was another Sandy, someone they knew from work. I was standing there in tan slacks with bleach marks on them, a light blue terry cloth summer top (gets hot when I'm carting big boxes up and down the stairs), with no makeup and no bra.

I was so embarrassed that I wouldn't even turn on the hallway light! I told her we could sit and talk in the family room, but there were ornament boxes covering every surface, since I was starting to undecorate the 12-foot tree. I didn't want to bring her anywhere near the kitchen, because I had started cleaning the bird cages, and there were pellets, seed and feathers on the floor. Plus the kitchen table had piles of mail, magazines and newspapers on it. What a mess!

She was embarrassed, too, having shown up at the wrong house, and ended up leaving after just a few minutes. But I feel like a jerk about it. I've got to learn to just chill out when stuff like that happens and not be so concerned about the house or how I look! I would’ve really enjoyed taking a break from the work and spending an hour catching up with her. I missed an opportunity to laugh at myself and enjoy good company.

So I’m making a change – from now on, I’m just going with the flow. (We’ll see how that works out!)


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