Wednesday, February 24, 2010

In Good Hands With Allstate? Not in Our Case!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010
We signed up for Allstate auto insurance, effective in early January. The requirements were: a valid license, no tickets, no accidents, good credit and a proof of insurance card, all of which we met. But because we leased our cars directly from Chrysler (our employer), which is self-insured, Allstate wanted a letter from Chrysler to that effect.

The agent contacted Chrysler and asked that the letter be sent to us. We received it a week to 10 days later. My husband called the agent the same day and said he’d bring the letter to his office. Two days later, we got a certified notice of cancellation from Allstate. We’d be cancelled by March 19, unless they got the letter from us.

My husband took the letter to the agent that day. The agent apologized profusely and said he hadn’t been aware that the prior insurance company letter was a requirement. So now they had everything they needed. (That was last week.)

Today, we got another letter from Allstate, this time saying, “Your insurance has been terminated,” even though it’s February 25, and we supposedly had ‘til March 19 to get the letter to them. AND they’ve had the letter since last week! In addition, they wrote that we owe them for insurance coverage to date, even though we gave them authorization to draft our checking account for premiums.

If this is how Allstate treats new clients who’ve provided everything they require, how in hell will they treat us if, God forbid, we ever have a claim? Screw this – we’re looking for a new insurance company. And, by the way, I’m told by a couple of savvy shoppers that Citizens Insurance has the best pricing for auto and homeowners.


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