Sunday, February 21, 2010

Terrific Trees from Global ReLeaf of Michigan

Sunday, February 21, 2010
Ever hear of a nonprofit group by the name of Global ReLeaf of Michigan? Well, if you need trees or shrubs, you should check these folks out at: Global ReLeaf’s purpose is to plant trees in communities throughout the state, because “the addition of trees improves the environment, cools urban heat islands and beautifies our neighborhoods.” And because I need volunteer hours to maintain my Master Gardener certification, I volunteer at Global ReLeaf’s annual tree sale fundraiser every year.

I’ve bought lots of trees and shrubs from them, and they’ve been very healthy and have grown beautifully. The trees are bare-rooted (not in soil and burlap) and are young. They don’t look like much when they’re picked up in April, because they’re kind of twiggy. But some, like the maples and cherries, can be up to 10 feet tall, and some, depending on variety, grow quickly.

One of our trees is an Eastern Redbud, and within three or four years, it was eight feet tall and at least six feet across. It bloomed the year after it was planted, and it’s simply stunning. I love trees, and if it were up to me, we wouldn’t have any lawn, just a bunch of different trees. But, unfortunately, my husband thinks he has some say in the matter, and he likes lawns. Boring!

Okay, the following trees are $30 each, or $28 if three or more are purchased:

Sugar Maple
Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry
Red Maple
Valley Forge American Elm
State Street Maple
Crimson King Norway Maple
Japanese Tree Lilac
Red Flowering Crabapple
Swamp White Oak
White Flowering Crabapple
Tulip Tree
Tina Crabapple
Honeycrisp Apple
Showy Mountain Ash
Stella Cherry
Sterling Silver Linden
Heritage Birch

The following “specialty” trees are $50 each:

Paperbark Maple
Allee Lacebark Elm
Chinkapin Oak
Royal Frost Birch
Snow Fountain Cherry

The shrubs, which I won’t list here (they’re on the website) are $15 each or $12 each for three or more. And the evergreens are $20 or $18 for three or more.

There are 11 pick-up locations throughout the area, so check the website ( You won’t find trees this healthy at this price anywhere else. Order early, because they do run out of certain varieties!


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