Friday, February 26, 2010


Friday, February 26, 2010
Well, my husband had his rotator cuff surgery this morning. We had to be there at – get this – 5:30 a.m. I thought I was going to die, having to get up at 4:30, after being unable to fall asleep ‘til 3:15. (Hell, I’m used to going to bed between 3:00 and 6:00 a.m., so there was no way I could fall asleep around 11:00, as planned.)

First thing to hit me – the woman in charge of the surgical waiting area was a bitch. She was condescending and sarcastic with most of the people there. I was itching to deck her. But, of course, I’m non-violent (except in my dreams). Second thing was that everyone else we encountered was great – pleasant, helpful, compassionate, the works. The only problem was that they had to hurt my husband, and I am such a baby about that stuff.

When my son got his baby shots, I had to leave the room, because I’d start crying when he did. Same thing when my brother, at 18, gave our mother a kidney. When I heard him scream as he tried to move after the surgery, I bawled like a baby in the hallway. (Of course, that was partly because I thought I should’ve been the donor, instead of him. Being the oldest of nine kids, I was very protective of the younger ones.)

Anyway, I heard the anesthesiologist tell my husband, “Now this is going to burn – a lot.” And “Now you’re going to feel a lot of pressure.” “I’m sorry.” “I’m so sorry.” It killed me. He was pretty drugged up already, but he was groaning a bit as she fed a catheter into his neck, so that he could go home with a local anesthesia drip to take the edge off the pain. And, of course, he got the good stuff in pill form.

Now we’re waiting for the nerve block to wear off and the real pain to begin. He’s got a pill and water by the recliner, where he has to sleep. And if he needs help with anything after I fall asleep (can’t believe I haven’t yet, with only one hour last night), he can call the house phone with his cell and wake me. I really hope he doesn’t suffer like so many people have said he will. Keeping my fingers crossed!


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